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DayCall makes daily automated calls to people who live alone to provide reassurance to their carers that they are OK each day.

Checking in when the phone rings each day

it takes just a few seconds

A typical checkin call, 8:00am:

ring, ring

"Hello Mary, this is DayCall, please press 1 to check in today"

press 1

"Thank you for checking in, you may now hang up"

You are OK but would
like someone to contact you anyway.

hold on a little longer after checking in...

"If you wish for a member of your carecircle to contact you today, press 2 for Jim, 3 for Sally"

press 3

"An email and SMS have been sent to Sally, requesting that she contacts you"

Adjust at any time

Set your daily call time,
and change it whenever you want

carecircles profile, allows you to configure the system to suit your needs

Invite friends, family and carers
to your carecircle

invite friends, family and carers to your carecircle Carers receive an invitation email to join your carecircle

Carecircle members can choose when and how to be contacted (Email, SMS and voice options)

contact preferences

A record is maintained of checkins
visible to you and your carecircle

a detailed record is maintained of your daily checkin activity

If you miss your check in calls - "alert mode"

An alert is sent to your care circle. Email, and optionally an SMS or a call.

If one of your carecircle knows that you are OK, they can click a link in the email to checkin on your behalf. This triggers an email to the other carecircle members that you are OK. Panic over.

an alert email

Essentially DayCall is a very simple, yet effective and reliable service. Most people who start the free trial like it so much that they go on to subscribe.
Over 80%! Want to know more? Compare with other systems, learn how DayCall is suitable for care organisations. Why not Start a free trial

Who is it for?

Got any questions? Call us from the UK on 01628 201122.
Or from elsewhere in the world on +441628201122