For Care Organisations and Visiting Care Workers

Improve the efficiency of caring for those on their own

Better Care with Less Staff

DayCall helps you keep tabs on the daily wellbeing of many more people with the aid of innovative technology.

Attend by Exception

Most days you don't need to touch base with all patients, but if one requires attendance you want to be able to know when they need assistance and respond quickly.

Bring in the Family

DayCall helps to encourage family members (as well as friends and neighbours) to participate in keeping an eye out for vulnerable individuals who live alone.

DayCall can be used by care homes, councils, health authorities, travelling nurses, visiting health workers, visiting care workers, visiting youth workers, probation officers and medics to help keep daily contact with each patient or resident.

Who can benefit

Sheltered Accomodation

One supervisor is looking out for many residents. With DayCall each resident checks in themself and confirms that they are OK each morning, no need for a pro-active visit or call each day.

Health Authorities

The overall cost of care of those living alone can be reduced dramatically, with the fully automated care calls from DayCall

GP Practices

A number of residents in your care might need daily checkup, ideally you only want to know if there is a potential problem, this is where DayCall can help. Rather than visit or summon them in each day, let DayCall help. Target those who live alone and are regular visitors to your surgery.

Visiting Healthcare Workers

You have many patients in your care, many who live alone. You have a schedule for visiting them but occasionally you need to be proactive and visit those who may not be ok. With DayCall, you will be alerted to those who may not be OK or who have asked for your help today.

Hospitals - post operation care

People who live alone are very vulnerable after an operation. DayCall helps to encourage family members, neighbours and friends to participate in looking out for these individuals - reducing the risk of subsequent problems and the burden on your hospital.

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