Caring for those who live alone

A daily call then, just answer the phone and press 1

Senior checking in each day

Then everyone knows they are OK

DayCall automated daily calls provide reassurance to those who live alone as well as those who care for them

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No credit card required, nothing to install

Customers Love It

We call every day at your chosen time.

ringing phone 8:00 am Answer, Press 1, hang up.

When they press 1

answer and press 1 Their carecircle is advised that they are ok.

Carecircle members can choose whether to receive an email or SMS when their loved one checks in or just to be alerted only if their loved one does NOT check in.

We try again

If they miss the call we try again 4-5 times. If after an hour they still haven't checked in, we alert the carecircle.


We alert the carecircle by email (and optionally SMS and by call) that their loved one has not checked in.

Early and Alternative Checkin options

If the lovedone knows that they are likely to miss their regular call, they can checkin before their nominated call time in one of several ways:

  • Call in to our designated number
  • Send us an sms text message
  • Log into the website
  • Carecircle members can log into the website and checkin on behalf of their loved one.

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Do you live alone?

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We recommend that you start with DayCall and then move on to adding an pendant alarm should you find it necessary.Learn more about the difference